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The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

How I ended up in the Dominican Republic

Discover the Power of 960 Moments: Making Every Second Count!

At 960 Moments, we believe in embracing positivity and leaving the negatives behind this is how I arrived in the Dominican Republic. When I faced a setback with my visa application, I didn’t let it bring me down. Instead, I saw it as an opportunity to explore new places and make the most of my time. That’s when my journey to the Dominican Republic began.

Choosing the Perfect Destination: A Tale of Warmth and Adventure!

Although I had the option to return to England, I couldn’t resist the allure of warm climates. Who wants to face January in England, right? So, I set my sights on Mexico and the Dominican Republic. With the ongoing pandemic, I had to consider COVID-19 requirements. Thankfully, Mexico and the Dominican Republic had the least amount of paperwork and a good health record.

The Enchanting Dominican Republic: How I arrived in the Dominican Republic

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I made the decision to visit the Dominican Republic. With a quick flight booking to Punta Cana, I found myself at El Dorado Airport at 3am, ready for an adventure that would leave me breathless.

El Dorado Airport: The Gateway to Unforgettable Memories!

As I stepped into El Dorado Airport, I felt a surprising chill in the air. Little did I know that this chill would later turn into a stubborn cold. But nothing could dampen my spirits as I embarked on my Dominican Republic experience.

Wingo Airlines: Where Convenience Meets Efficiency!

My flight with Wingo, a part of Copa Airlines, was a breeze. From smooth check-in to timely departure and early arrival, Wingo proved to be a reliable choice for my journey.

Punta Cana Airport: A Warm Welcome to Paradise!

Upon landing at Punta Cana airport, I was greeted by a charming thatched roof, providing respite from the heat. Customs were a breeze, and after a little bargaining, I secured a fair taxi price.

The Perfect Starting Point: My Stay at Costa Love Hotel!

In the district of Véron, I found the ideal accommodation at Costa Love Hotel. Clean, efficient, and well-appointed, my room had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. However, it was a bit far from most attractions, making transportation costs add up. That’s when I decided to find a place near the beach for my next adventure.

Unlocking Unbeatable Vacation Rentals: The Power of Airbnb!

When it comes to finding the perfect beachside escape, Airbnb has always been my go-to app. While prices may have increased over time, there is still a wide range of properties to choose from that will fit any budget.

Don’t let time slip away – embrace the joy of making every moment count in the beautiful Dominican Republic! Start planning your dream vacation now and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Dominican Republic
Peaceful with beautiful beaches.
Cost effective
Currency Dominica Pesos, although USD is widely accepted
Many all-inclusive resorts
Lots of activities including jungle trekking and whitewater rafting

Colombia Dominican Republic

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