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A Day at Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana

Beautiful white, sandy beach at Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A Day on the Beach at Playa Bávaro

Playa Bávaro.

White sand, blue seas, and tropical palm trees, perfect. In fact, I could end this article there as the place is so nice as everything about the day was perfect. If you are looking for these things, I would recommend Playa Bávaro.

As with many things in the Caribbean, the day starts slowly. A slow trickle of people aiming for the beach early and a larger number of people arriving later in the day. There are areas to swim to keep you away from the prop shafts of local boats that harbour close to the shore.

The first order of the day was to walk along the beautiful white sand. The light breeze keeping the temperature similar to that of the cotton sheet that had kept me warm the previous night, a temperature just about right.

A Pleasant Caribbean Pace

There is not much tidal movement at Punta Cana, in fact less than 1m, and high tide today had been at 6.30 am. So by the time I had arrived, the tide was on its way out. A police officer was on the beach, soon to be joined by two other officers on a 4×4 motorcycle. A quick chat and the 4×4 was off. It left the officer behind to enjoy the view. There appears to be very little trouble in the Dominican Republic and less on Playa Bávaro.

Type of activities

On the beach there are a wide range of activities and hotels. Beside the swimming areas there are boats bringing and taking tourists to and from the beach. Out to sea, the waves break over the reef that keeps the bay calm and peaceful, and the water is beautiful, blue and clear.

A walk along the beach to the North takes you past several hotels with their private security, but the beach itself is free for everyone to visit. The day I was there, a tall ship was anchoring in the distance and there were plenty or speed boats taking people parasailing.

On the southerly part of the beach is an arts and crafts shopping mall, made up of many small shops selling gifts for the visitors, clothes, hats and more. If you enjoy browsing for small gifts to take back for family and friends. This is an area for you. They also sell sunhats and other clothing. All at reasonable prices.

I, however, opted for the local bar with California emblazoned across the roof. The food was good, and the price of the beer was reasonable. The local beer is called “Presidente” and at 5% ABV packs quite a kick on a hot sunny day.


Peaceful with beautiful beaches.
Nice restaurants
Souvenir shops
Plenty to watch going on

Playa Bavaro

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