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Santa Domingo to Puerto Plata by Bus

Puerto Plata by Bus

Puerto Plata by Bus

Puerto Plata by Bus

Embark on an amazing adventure to Puerto Plata by Bus! Experience the convenience and reliability of Caribe Tours, the leading bus service in the Dominican Republic.

Caribe Tours

Caribe Tours, with its vibrant yellow buses, is your ticket to exploring the beauty of Puerto Plata and other exciting destinations. Check out their user-friendly website,, which offers regular departures to Puerto Plata and more.

As I prepared for my journey, I hailed a taxi to the nearest Caribe Tours terminal. Upon arrival, I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization of the main terminal. Plus, they have convenient ATMs and a cozy cafeteria on the second floor.

After purchasing my ticket, I relaxed in the comfortable and stylish reception area, eagerly awaiting my departure. The bus itself was new and the seats were plush, ensuring a pleasant ride. I stored my luggage securely in the spacious locker beneath the bus.

Once on the road, the bus swiftly left the city behind, skillfully navigating the open road while playfully beeping at any cars in its path. The southern part of the Dominican Republic offered picturesque flat landscapes, and as we reached La Vega, the scenery transformed into breathtaking mountains.

The well-maintained roads made the journey a breeze, but I did find the bus a bit chilly. A light jacket would have been a great investment for added comfort.

After a mere 3 ½ hours, I arrived at the Caribe Tours terminal in Puerto Plata, where I easily found a taxi to transport me to the hotel I had previously booked on



Don’t miss out on the adventure of exploring Puerto Plata by Bus with Caribe Tours. Sit back, relax, and let the bus take you on an unforgettable journey through the Dominican Republic’s stunning scenery.


Bus travel from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Website addres:

Journey time: Approx 3 1/2 hours.

Price 400-500 Dominican pesos per person.

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