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Playa Dominicus, Dominican Republic

Beautiful Playa Dominicus Beach, Dominican Republic

Playa Dominicus, Dominican Republic

The Plan for Sunday

Today is Sunday, and as with most Sundays, the idea is to discover a new place, restaurant, location that is memorable. This Sunday, the plan was to be the same. The aim was to get to Playa Dominicus, which is about 12 miles from the accommodation.

How we got there

Although the instructions to get there were a little sketchy, close to Jumbo, a large supermarket on the main road near the restaurant Punto Italia, there would be a bus stop. This was, in fact, the case and the bus was like the one I had taken from Higuey.

Arriving at 1130, the next bus was to leave for Bayahibe at 1140 and after that it would stop at Playa Dominicus. The bus again was full when it left and the 12 miles to Playa Dominicus passed quickly. Stopping at Bayahibe, I immediately made a mental note that I would like to return to this little village and see what the beach was like there.

What was it like?

Playa Dominicus turned out to be all that was expected. A public beach of white sand with crystal clear water and an excellent selection of bars and restaurants, all providing service to the large number of people sheltering under sun umbrellas. There are also numerous beachwear shops and art shops.

The best part was swimming. As seems to be typical, here there are several designated swimming areas, to keep you away from the boats that regularly come in to shore. The water was warm, and, unlike many other places, I have swum around the world in tropical climates, not salty.

With hardly any people pestering you to purchase things, this is definitely an idyllic beach setting that I would be happy to return to at a later date.


Bus travel from La Romana, Playa Dominicus.
Journey time: Approx 50 minutes.
Price 60 Dominican pesos per person.
Catch the bus about 500m south of Jumbo.
Plenty of nice places to eat.
Nice clean beach

Playa Dominicus Beach

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