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Bus from Playa Bávaro

Taking the Bus in the Dominican Republic

Bus from Playa Bávaro

The price of Taxis and the Bus from Playa Bávaro

Taking the Bus from Playa Bávaro to La Romana was another one of those marvellous adventures that I enjoy and is very cost effective.
I think taxis are quite expensive and taking the bus from Playa Bávaro was a great opportunity. However, a good taxi driver offers an amazing service filling you in on the great places to visit, things to do and, of course, how to get there. A taxi to the airport is often the biggest challenge. Finding the right person for the right price and the Dominican Republic was no exception. With prices ranging from $20USD to $35USD, some 75% more, it encouraged me to be careful. The rule of thumb, as always, seems to be to check the price and then check again. The taxi driver I eventually ended up using, for most of the time, offered advice about a wide range of things to see and do. These included whale watching, Coco Loco and the beach to visit. He also advised on how to travel to La Romana, a town of some 200.000 inhabitants, some 2 and a 1/2 hours away.

The time to Romana

Seriously, he stated the bus would take a very long time; I am used to bus journeys ranging up to 24 hours and the thought of a couple of hours to La Romana seemed less than arduous. He then stated that the price of $190USD was very reasonable and that we should give it due consideration. However, the price of the bus is around $4USD and another potential adventure won me over. However I paid the taxi driver to take me to the bus stop at Bavaro Express.
The bus, although small, was spotless and was full when we left for Higuey on route to La Romana. Changing buses in Higuey with a wait of less than 15 minutes, I arrived in La Romana about an hour and a half later.
I was staying in an Airbnb and stopping at Timbi Urban Food in the centre, an excellent hamburger restaurant, with Wi-Fi. I contacted my Airbnb host who was happy to come and collect me and take me to the accommodation.


In short, I would recommend taking the bus. It is efficient, cheap and helps you see a little more of the Dominican Republic through the eyes of the locals.


Bus from Playa Bávaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to La Romana.

Easy and it is a bit of adventure.
Cost effective

Punta Cana La Romana

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