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Bayahibe, Beach near La Romano

A wonderful day out

Bayahibe Beach near La Romano


This beach was my favourite of all the beaches I visited on the southern side of the Dominican Republic. I would certainly return there the next time I visit.

Very relaxing.

Wonderfully relaxed with beautiful clear water, I spent the day and early evening under the palm trees soaking up the atmosphere. I also swam in the beautiful, warm waters. It was so good I did not want to leave, so I happily watched the sun go down.

I had caught the bus to Bayahibe from Jumbo in La Romana, the same way as I had travelled to Playa Dominicus. The beach with good signage and easy to reach,

Checking with the bar staff I could pay by debit card, I indulged in a few “Presidentes”. As most places in the Dominican Republic, are happy to bring drinks and foods to the waterfront, which is very nice. Lunch was wonderful.

Although there was internet at the restaurant, it was patchy and around 3pm it went off entirely. It was then I decided it would be a good idea to pay the bill, as it would add up to more than I had in cash with me. This indeed proved to be a good move, as the card reader was not working. As always, the staff were helpful, and I was soon on the back of a motorcycle being whisked into the village to the ATM, which was in a bar. Cash in hand, I returned to pay the bill and continued enjoying the day and the evening getting to play with my Samsung S21 Ultra. I cannot wait until the new RAW feature is uploaded to the phone.


Beautiful beach
Good food
ATM in the village
Normally the ability to pay by card

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