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Bayahibe, Beach near La Romano


Bayahibe Beach near La Romano

Experience the Best Beach in the Dominican Republic: Bayahibe

When it comes to stunning beaches in the Dominican Republic, Bayahibe stands out as a true gem. I can confidently say that it was my absolute favorite out of all the beaches I visited on the southern side of the country. In fact, I’m already planning to return there on my next trip!

Imagine a day spent in pure relaxation, with crystal-clear waters that invite you to go for a swim. Under the shade of palm trees, I soaked up the incredible atmosphere from morning till evening. The beauty of Bayahibe is so captivating that I couldn’t tear myself away, and watching the sun set was truly magical.

Getting to Bayahibe was a breeze. I caught a convenient bus from Jumbo in La Romana, just like I did when I went to Playa Dominicus. The beach is well-signed and easily accessible.

One thing I loved about Bayahibe is that you don’t have to worry about bringing your own refreshments. The friendly bar staff gladly delivered delicious drinks and food right to the waterfront, making my lunch experience simply wonderful. Plus, paying with my debit card was super convenient.

Although the internet at the restaurant was a bit unreliable, it didn’t dampen my mood. In fact, it gave me the opportunity to take care of my bill early on, ensuring that I had enough cash in hand. The staff were incredibly helpful when I encountered a glitch with the card reader. They swiftly whisked me into the village on the back of a motorcycle to the nearest ATM, which happened to be in a bar. Crisis averted, I returned to continue enjoying my day and evening, capturing unforgettable moments with my trusty Samsung S21 Ultra.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate beach experience in the Dominican Republic. Make sure to visit Bayahibe, where relaxation and beauty go hand in hand.


Beautiful beach
Good food
ATM in the village
Normally the ability to pay by card

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