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Playa Caleta, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Playa Caleta, La Romana, Dominican Republic

The nearest beach to our accommodation was Playa Caleta. The advertisement for the accommodation we were using suggested the beach was five minutes away. However, it took us an hour and a half walk. It was a good time to talk and was very pleasant, with the steady breeze of the Dominican Republic.

The beach itself was again lovely.  It is a little rockier in places than others I have seen, but if you are in the area, I would recommend lunch by the beach here.

Popular with the locals, there are many restaurants and bars and a collection of shops selling locally made goods and items. Arriving at midday, it was time for lunch and an opportunity to try Mofongo. This is mashed plantains, cooked with butter and spices in a pilón or pestle and mortar made from mahogany of guaiacum.

Once cooked Mofongo, they shaped it into a ball and placed on the plate to eat with pork or chicken. Very enjoyable, although with the amount of garlic that was added, I would have been able to ward off vampires for days.

The beach offered views of Isla Catalina and there were people offering all-inclusive day trips to the island. This was something we did a few days later and was one of the best tours that we took in the Dominican Republic.


Playa Caleta
1 hour walk from the centre or catch a “collectivo”.
Good food, well priced.
Peaceful, more locals than tourists
Small souvenir shops.
Some internet in the restaurants.

Playa Caleta

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