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Puerto Plata

960 Moments to enjoy

960 Moments to enjoy with hints and tips on the wonderful things we can do. The pandemic has enabled us all to focus on more important things in life. We will share some hints on how we manage the whole proce3ss and things we have learnt from things that did not go so well.

Since the pandemic, we have travelled around England, Wales and Scotland. After that we have spent more time in Latin America, in Colombia. We have also found time to visit the Dominican Republic before returning to Colombia for further explorations.

Things that help us

Over time, the website will continue to grow, sharing some hints and tips of how we create the website. We also share how we plan our routes, especially for travelling for long periods of time. On top of that, we provide information about software that we use, including the Adobe Creative Suite package, capital SketchUp Pro. Over time, we will also include some useful course information on Spanish, which will always help you when visiting places, especially in Colombia.

960 Moments also uses Microsoft Office and the ProWritingAid to speed up our workflow and Dragon Speak from Nuance for the same reason. The key is to be well organised and start with a process that is easy to use and consistent.

This has been an amazing journey for us as we have looked back over the events since the beginning of the pandemic. The amount of things that we have actually been able to achieve and have planned for the future makes life very exciting.

Products to help: 960 Moments to enjoy

We to offer a range of products. These will relieve you of some pressures in your busy work schedule so you can focus on the amazing things you wish to achieve in your own 960 moments.

With 960 Moments to enjoy, we believe you will find some inspiration and opportunities for the future. Do not forget to look at our gallery. 

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