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Playa Hawai, Ibague

Playa Hawai, Ibague

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Playa Hawai, Ibague

Get ready for a splashing good time at Playa Hawai! This awesome water park is just a quick 30-minute drive from Ibague, the capital of Tolima. You’ll find everything you need to relax and have a blast, from pools and water slides to kayaking and sports activities. And don’t worry about accommodations, because Hotel Honolulu and Hotel Hali Hali are right on site. Plus, you can even camp if that’s more your style!

Now let’s talk about food. Playa Hawai has not one, not two, but FIVE restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Choose from the menu of the day at restaurant Mavi, mouthwatering chicken at Restaurant Hilo, a la carte options at restaurant Kona, delicious grilled food at restaurant Ohana, or grab a quick bite at restaurant Aloha. The choice is yours!

Ready for some underwater fun? Dive into the two main pools, Waikiki and Pisci Playa. Waikiki even has a cool waterfall, while Pisci Playa boasts a mind-blowing water jet shooting 15 meters high! Relax on the poolside seating or splurge a little extra for a comfy lounger in the cordoned-off area. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, head to the large lake for kayaking and other boating adventures. Thrill-seekers will love the three massive water slides, and there’s even a children’s aqua park and playground for the little ones.

But wait, there’s more! Playa Hawai offers a games room, soccer field, volleyball court, and a “Tejo area” where you can join in on the local bar game fun. Get ready to shout “¡MECHAA!” as you score big!

Getting to Playa Hawai is a breeze. We drove there, but there’s also parking available for a small fee. Others arrived by coach, motorcycle, or taxi from Ibague.

Now let’s talk about the weather. With temperatures reaching a toasty 29°C and clear skies all day, we couldn’t have asked for better pool weather. The occasional gentle breeze was a welcomed relief as we soaked up the sun and took refreshing dips in the water.

As for dining, there are plenty of options. In the morning, you’ll find vendors selling delicious empanadas, and there are also snack and drink spots scattered around the park. Our personal dining experience at Restaurant Kona was fantastic. The steak was top-notch and reasonably priced. Just keep in mind that none of the restaurants open before 12:30 pm, and the queues can get long, so be patient or arrive early for a full meal.

Now, let’s talk prices. As of April 2022, the daily admission costs are:

– ADULT: $35,000
– SENIOR ADULT: $25,000
– CHILD: $25,000 (ages 4-11)

Trust us, it’s worth every penny for an unforgettable day out!

Before you pack your bags, don’t forget your swimming gear, towel, and plenty of sunscreen. Oh, and one more thing – bring a swimming cap! It’s mandatory, but you can purchase one on arrival for $9,000 pesos. And hey, it’ll make a great addition to your collection of swimming caps from all across Colombia.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make a splash at Playa Hawai!


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