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Wolves in England

Wolves in England

Wolves in England

Overview of Wolves in England.

Wolves in England, as seen on the BBS’s Countryfile 30 the Anniversary edition and one of the most memorable experiences I have had in the UK. My son wanted to do something different and has had a fascination with wolves, snakes and other animals since he was small.

As we had a few days to share, I asked him what he would like to do and his response was, let us go “Walking with Wolves” in the Lake District. I was so pleased we went.

The Predator Experience

Check out the website for full details. You need to book to visit and you get a very one-to-one experience with the owners. We could have done more things such as flying eagles or meeting with foxes. But the plan was walking with wolves and that is what we did.

The site is Ayside is beautiful; it is quite close to Windermere and the rolling hills were stunning.

Safety is very important. The two hybrid wolves are predatory animals. Their psychology is not the same as the dogs we have running around the house. They hunt and you could see that the first minute you set eyes on them.

You will see that they had double leashes, no room for error. These animals are probably 4 times as strong as your average dog. They do not need to be taken for a walk as they habitually rest for long periods of time prior to chasing down their prey.

Throughout the walk, which took just over an hour, there was so much information. Including a demonstration of howling to show how they would communicate in the wild.

I learnt so much about the wolves and how we should think about our own pets who have evolved to be loved and give love as opposed to be ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Book your experience. It is really worthwhile.

Wolves in England


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