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Snowden, Wales

Snowden Wales

Snowden, Wales

Snowden: Highest Mountain in Wales

Snowden, located in Snowdonia National Park, stands as the highest mountain in Wales. On clear days, it offers breathtaking views. Our plan involved a journey from Trwyn and Wylfa Caravan and Camping Site in Penmaenmawr to Porthmadog, followed by Beddgelert, Nant Gwynant, and concluding with a return to the campsite.

How We Reached Snowden

The campsite in Penmaenmawr proved excellent. We swiftly zipped up the tent, leaving our hard cases secured inside while only carrying the top box on the back of our BMW 1250R Adventure. With less weight, maneuvering the sloping path out of the campsite felt easier. As soon as the bike was in motion, it felt as light as a feather, reminding us of the usual comfortable ride.

The BMW smoothly devoured the miles, swiftly taking us through Carnarfon as we headed south on the A487 towards Porthmadog. The scenery presented itself as truly spectacular once again, coinciding with the lovely weather. We indulged in an early lunch in Porthmadog, situated close to the picturesque harbor.

Leaving the village behind, we continued our journey towards Beddgelert, eventually reaching the A498. Unlike the challenging ride we would have had over Hardnott Pass, this road proved comparatively easy. The BMW effortlessly covered the distance, providing comfort for both the pillion and the rider. Finally, we arrived at the magnificent vantage point in Nant Gwynant, which serves as the official Snowden viewpoint.

Although Snowden stands just over 1000 meters high, relatively lower compared to mountains we encountered in Colombia (typically ranging from 2000 to 3000 meters), we had hoped to witness its grandeur. Unfortunately, despite the beautiful sunshine, the mountain remained hidden beneath a veil of clouds.

At the viewpoint, we treated ourselves to ice cream before embarking eastward on the A470, leading us to the north and ultimately back to Penmaenmawr. There, we eagerly fired up the stove, enjoyed a nice cup of tea, and reviewed the photographs from our adventure.

It proved to be a remarkable day, putting the capabilities of our BMW to the test once again, and without a doubt, it exceeded our expectations.

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