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Lima Peru

Experience the Mágico del Agua

Lima the capital of Peru

Overview of Lima the capital of Peru.

Lima the capital of Peru is spectacular and one of my favourite places to visit especially for the Peruvian food and the Magic Water park. There are so many other things that you can do, such as hire a tandem and cycle all along the seafront. Lima is one of 79 capitals in the world that is on the sea. Or spend time in the park at Miraflores, which is beautiful all year round. There are also several museums, including the Lima Art Museum in Exposition Park.

Where did I go in Lima the capital of Peru?

While I was in Lima, I spent a lot of time down on the seafront. The tall cliffs overlooking the sea always were a hub of activity and I enjoyed walking down to the Larcomar Shipping Centre with its excellent atmosphere and lovely shops. One thing for me to remember in the future was the travel agency selling tickets for a train ride to the top of Machu Picchu, which is on my dream list to do.

Exposition Park

I also had a great day at Exposition Park, where the Lima Art Museum had many displays in a beautiful location in the park. The privately funded museum charges a small entrance fee to pay. All the exhibits have signage in England and Spanish, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.


Hiring a bicycle at Laromar, I cycled to the marina, which was great fun, especially as it was a tandem. There is also a lot of paragliding on the cliff tops at the Park of Love, which is visited by many thousands of people regularly.

Magic Water Park

The Magic Water Park, especially at night, is so good I will make a completely separate blog for it as it was outstanding.

Lima is certainly worth a visit, and I will return soon.



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