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Dartmoor, Devon


Dartmoor, Devon


Dartmoor with its  rugged scenery and large open spaces are available for everyone to enjoy. There are many hidden gems to discover .

Haytor Car Park offers a great starting point for the walk up to the Tors and the reward for the stiff climb up to the Tor is the sunning views. For the hardy walkers, you can continue north to Hound Tor Rock. Look out for Becka Brook, which has an old stone bridge you can use to cross.

What to expect on Dartmoor?

Sunshine, rain, wind, a total mixture of weather comes to Dartmoor on what seems to be, on occasions, an hourly basis. However, you can always expect stunning views and excellent walks. The Tors, large granite outcrops define the areas ruggedness and with plenty of parking spots across the moor you can always find a peaceful spot to stop and enjoy the majestic surroundings. Or park up and walk to get up close to the huge Tors.

What should I bring?

Waterproofs, good walking shoes, sun cream and for longer walks something to eat. Remember that Dartmoor appears to be a gently sloping area, not mountainous but with the potential for the weather to change quickly, you must make sure that you go fully prepared. On the walk to Hound Tor, which is roughly 2 and a half miles, we saw no one from the time we left the first Tor until we arrived at the second Tor. So, make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you should arrive back.

How to get to Dartmoor?

There are a variety of ways to get onto the moors, but many people travel by car. There are also bus tours. Another popular way of seeing Dartmoor is cycling.



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