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Stunning QR Restaurant Menus


Stunning QR Restaurant Menus at 960 Moments

Tired of sticky, outdated menus and the cost of constant reprints? Upgrade your restaurant’s experience with a sleek,QR menus.!

Here’s what you get:

  • Professional design: Our talented menu designers will create a beautiful, on-brand menu that reflects your restaurant’s unique style.
  • Say goodbye to static PDFs! Your QR menu can showcase mouthwatering photos and as much information as you would like to give your diners.
  • Cost-effective: Ditch the printing costs,
  • Hygienic and safe: Eliminate the need for physical menus, creating a cleaner and more hygienic dining experience for your guests.

Impress your diners and streamline your operations with a stunning QR menu.

To proceed we will need the following information or your can arrange a call on our contact page. 

  • Restaurant/Business details: Name, logo, brand colors, website address (if applicable).
  • Menu content: Full menu with accurate descriptions, pricing, and any relevant information like allergens, dietary options, or portion sizes.
  • Target audience: Who are the typical customers? Any specific needs or preferences to consider?

Optional Materials:

  • Existing menu: If you have a physical or digital menu, it can serve as a starting point.
  • Brand guidelines: If you have specific fonts, color palettes, or design elements you should follow.
  • High-quality photos: Images of dishes, the restaurant ambiance, or anything else that enhances the menu.

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    There are several ways to categorize a QR menu, depending on your primary goal and the type of restaurant you have. Here are some common approaches:

    By Course:

    • Starters/Appetizers: Smaller dishes to begin the meal.
    • Main Courses: Larger dishes that form the main focus of the meal.
    • Desserts: Sweet dishes to finish the meal.
    • Beverages: Drinks like coffee, tea, soda, beer, wine, etc.

    By Cuisine:

    • Italian: Pizza, pasta, risotto, etc.
    • Mexican: Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc.
    • Japanese: Sushi, sashimi, ramen, etc.
    • American: Burgers, steaks, sandwiches, etc.
    • Vegetarian/Vegan: Plant-based dishes

    By Dietary Needs:

    • Gluten-Free: Dishes suitable for those with gluten intolerance.
    • Dairy-Free: Dishes without milk or milk products.
    • Vegan: Dishes made without any animal products.
    • Nut-Free: Dishes without nuts or nut products.

    By Occasion:

    • Lunch: Dishes suitable for a midday meal.
    • Dinner: Dishes suitable for an evening meal.
    • Happy Hour: Snacks and drinks offered at discounted prices during a specific time.
    • Brunch: A combination of breakfast and lunch dishes.

    Other Categories:

    • Popular Items: Highlight your most popular dishes.
    • New Arrivals: Showcase new additions to your menu.
    • Seasonal Items: Feature dishes made with seasonal ingredients.
    • Sharing Plates: Dishes meant to be shared among multiple people.

    Ultimately, the best way to categorize your QR menu is based on what will be most helpful and user-friendly for your customers. Consider your target audience, the size and complexity of your menu, and the overall dining experience you want to create.

    Here are some additional tips for categorizing your QR menu:

    • Keep it simple and intuitive.
    • Use clear and concise labels.
    • Don’t over-categorize your menu.
    • Allow for easy sorting and filtering.
    • Be consistent with your categorization across all platforms.

    By following these tips, you can create a QR menu that is easy to navigate and provides a positive dining experience for your customers.