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Piscilago Water Park near Melgar


Piscilago Water Park near Melgar in Cundinamarca is an exceptional day out and thoroughly recommended. Located close to Bogota, the park focuses on family water park entertainment with a lovely pool and slides. There is also a boating lake, a zoo and lots of places to eat and rehydrate.

Piscilago Water Park, near Melgar, Cundinamarca

Described as the Mega Park of Colombia, it has 17 pools and water slides, all very well maintained and staffed. The zoo has many animals including ostriches, snakes, primates, and exotic birds.

The park focuses on family entertainment and a small train offers free rides along the lake. There are pedal boats and plenty of things for smaller children to do. With 9 restaurants or cafes spread around the park, you can always get something to eat or drink when you are in the park.

Things to consider when going to Piscilago

Insect repellent and sunscreen.

It is usually sunny at Piscilago and spending all day in and out of the water. Make sure you protect yourself. Usually, when I have been to the water park mosquitos and a like have not been prevalent apart from when queuing to get in. However, on the days they are out and about in the park, a quick squirt of repellent makes sure you focus all the time on fun. You can get the repellent in the park.

Book online if you can!

There are often significant queues to get in to Piscilago, so go to the website and book online. It will save a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the web page is not working, so let us hope you have better luck.

Arrive early and make the most of the day.

The water park is a full day out and there are two major advantages of getting there early. The first, to avoid the queues to get in and at the water slides. Second, it is cooler.

What to do with your stuff

Here are lockers all around the park, so you can leave your things and enjoy all the attractions. You will need a small padlock to lock the locker, which you can either take with you or purchase in the park. A security guard patrols the locker areas and I have always felt that things here are secure.

Swimming caps

Swimming caps are required. If you have one, take it with you. If not, you can purchase them in the park.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

There are so many photo opportunities at Piscilago, and a waterproof phone pouch will ensure that you capture those amazing moments.


If you are in Bogota or in the area, go. You will have a memorable experience and, most likely, like us, you will want to return. Be prepared for some queuing for some slides. The Megatabogan is worth the wait, as are all the other slides. Remember the sunscreen and you will have an amazing time

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