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Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

What we did in Edinbrgh.

Scotland was proving to be a great success. The weather in June was pleasant enough and having had a peaceful journey into the capital city, Edinburgh. We stayed at the Premier Inn Edinburgh East Hotel which resulted in a good night’s sleep. The hotel was excellent with good parking for the BMW 1250, under cover by the front door An excellent restaurant attached to the building. It was, however, quite a long way from the centre.

Walk across Holyrood Park.

However, as we had spent some time on the motorcycle over the last few days, we stretched our legs and we walked into Edinburgh across Holyrood Park. Here you will see Arthur’s Seat and some pleasant view across the centre of Edinburgh. Our destination was Edinburgh Castle, aiming to reach there by lunchtime for the famous 1 o’clock gun. If you are thinking of going, make sure it is not a Sunday, Christmas Day of Good Friday as they do not fire it on those days.

The walk was invigorating with wonderful views which made it all worthwhile.

Entering the more residential area of Edinburgh, we soon came across the Holyrood Distillery, which we will return to once COVID is over. The town houses were impressive, and it was not long before we were on the Royal Mile up to the castle.

Edinburgh Castle

We had a very pleasant couple of hours, enjoying the views out across the sea. Of particular interest was the jail, reproduced as it would have been in olden times. The only thing we missed was the keep with the jewellery, as the queue was quite long. They duly fired the gun at 1pm, a signal for us to leave the castle and get some lunch at the Cask Smugglers. An excellent day out.


Historic City
Historic Castle
Beautiful views
Plenty of Restaurants

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